SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO) with address located at Tequisquiapan No. 102 Parque Industrial Querétaro, City of Querétaro, Querétaro C.P. 76220, hereby provides through its official webpage under Online Support certain informative content regarding its activities.

These general terms of use exclusively regulate the use of the official webpage of SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO by its USERS who access it. These general terms are provided for the USER of the webpage on all links and every time the USER introduces its personal information in the available forms in order for the USER to read, print, file and accept these through the internet.

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1.1 The use of the SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO webpage does not imply the mandatory registration of the USER, unless the USER wishes to have access to the database of products available at Online Support, in which case it will be necessary to register by filling out the basic form, which shall be governed by the general terms of the privacy notice. The terms of access and use hereof shall exclusively be governed by the applicable legislation and by the good faith of the USER who agrees to give adequate use to the webpage. All acts which risk the legality, rights or interests of third parties, the protection of personal information, intellectual property, etc. are hereby forbidden. SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO expressly forbids the following:

  • 1.1.1.- Carry out actions which, on the webpage or through any other means, cause any type of damage to the SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO systems or to any third parties.
  • 1.1.2.- Carry out without the proper authorization any type of publicity or comercial information directly or secretly, sending of spam correspondence or sending of heavy documents in order to block the mail servers (“mail bombing”).
  • 1.1.3.- The USER does not reserve any rights with regards to the access code source provided by the software.

1.2.- SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO may block access at any time to the webpage if it detects any use contrary to the applicable law, good faith or these general terms.


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SEW-EURODRIVE is a registered trademark in Mexico and internationally. The unauthorized use or reproduction through any means of the SEW-EURODRIVE brand is strictly forbidden, which includes the name as well as the logotype. SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO reserves all rights over the registered copyrights and trademarks. Furthermore, SEW-EURODRIVE and SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO reserve any and all rights related to or derived from the content available in the SEW-EURODRIVE MÉXICO webpage, including but not limited to, the content, programming, webpage design, same which is entirely protected under the applicable copyright and intellectual property laws, being strictly forbidden any and all reproduction, communication, distribution and transfer of the abovementioned protected intellectual property.


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